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About us

BAURENT is a synthesis of many years of experience and extensive knowledge and competence in the rental, flooring industry and diamond technology. The company's history is created by the people with passion at every level of activity.

We have been implementing for years the most demanding tasks in the field of construction of resin floors, mechanical concrete treatment - introducing new technologies and implementing an innovative executive system. The most important factor that we put on a pedestal is authenticity, reliability and relationships building in the name of beneficial solutions.

We are competent in adapting beneficial solutions in terms of technical and financial matters. We undertake all implementation individually, deeply analyzing the Investor's expectations. We support our clients in all aspects of construction works. We provide professional consultancy related to the sale, rental and service of construction machinery..

Thanks to activities not based on corporate structures, we are able to act faster and flexibly respond to the customer's needs. We make sure that their satisfaction results from the highest quality of provided services and from long-term relationships based on dialogue and trust.

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Mechanical Concrete Treatment

Diamond technique

We provide the most flexible and comprehensive service of mechanical concrete treatment, reinforced concrete or asphalt, and our services are a response to the individual needs of many of our clients. We offer a wide range of machines and devices for both classic and specialized construction applications with trained operators.

  • • Surface milling
  • • Shot blasting of concrete and steel
  • • Floors sanding
  • • Floors polishing
  • • Leveling the surface
  • • Corrugating
  • • Diamond drilling
  • • Floors cutting
  • • Impregnation and strengthening of floors

All works of mechanical concrete treatment are carried out with the use of dust-free machines or with the use of water in order to maintain the highest possible cleanliness of the works.

Do you want to know the details? The entire offer is available in the catalog.

BAU catalog
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Resin floor

  • • Parking lots, garages and ramps,
  • • Production and storage halls
  • • Airports
  • • Road and rail infrastructure
  • • Food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • • Public utility and residential construction
  • • Repairs and renovation of surfaces and structures
  • • Maintenance
  • • Marking of communication areas
Resin floor
Systems catalog
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